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Designed by Sandy Lam

about Milklab

MILKLAB is a place where groups of friendly people regularly come to hang out and have a good time.

We like to think of it as a communal happy place! We have a fantastic mural on our wall created by a local Raleigh artist, and our speakers are always blasting fun, recognizable music -- dance and pop music from the 90s to today. Though quaint, our customers love spending time in our shop, and we will always be happy to oblige!

Milklab ice cream

Rolled ice cream is a frozen dessert that originates in Thailand.

MILKLAB’s rolled ice cream is a custard-based ice cream, made with fresh Organic Valley milk, presented in rolls.

We start by pouring the liquid custard base onto a sub-zero cold plate, which is where the magic happens!The custard is expertly chopped and mixed with your chosen ingredients by a trained ice cream chef. Right before your eyes, you will see the liquid custard turn into a frozen, rolled-up ice cream delight!


At MILKLAB, we hold quality to the highest regard; therefore, when it comes to our rolled ice cream you can rest assured that it is made with the best natural ingredients.  

Milklab MILK CAP

Milk cap is a soft foam that settles on top of the drink. It gives the drink a multi-layer experience and instead of mixing it before drinking it, you simply sip it from the cap! At the appropriate angle the milk cap fuses with the drink, giving you a salty, sweet sensation!

Our milk cap is made fresh daily from real cream cheese, organic milk and Himalayan pink salt.


Our big picture, and daily, goal is to make every customer happy and put a smile on their face.

Our employees are trained to assist customers in every way. For example, our cashiers are well-educated on all tea and ice cream offerings available in order to help customers make decisions, if needed. All employees are trained to make every product.


We also have topping artists who are trained to make edible art -- they ensure that your ice cream is as presentable and picturesque as it could possibly get!


The entire MILKLAB team exists to educate customers, give them something wonderful to enjoy, and maintain the utmost satisfaction of everyone who walks through the front door.

If you come in sad, you will leave happy!