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The superior quality of our products is our top priority


For us, superior quality means the best ingredients and materials.

We only use fresh, organic ingredients, such as Organic Valley Milk, Premium Tea Leaves imported directly from tea farms globally, and fresh fruit. There are little differences, in flavor and in taste, between fresh, organic ingredients versus regular ingredients.

While these subtle differences may not be immediately noticeable within the individual ingredients, when all of these organic elements are combined in our products, there is a significant impact on the robust taste and the customer experience that we provide at MILKLAB.



Our ice cream and milk cap base are made with organic milk in house daily.

We use only organic and grass-fed milk

Grass-fed milk is from 100% grass-fed cows, which is more nutritious.

More omega-3 and CLA meaning more health benefits!




Milk cap is a soft foam that settles on top of the drink.


It gives the drink a multi-layer experience and instead of mixing it before drinking it, you simply sip it from the cap! At the appropriate angle, the milk cap fuses with the drink, giving you a salty, sweet sensation!

Our milk cap is made fresh daily from real cream cheese, organic milk, and Himalayan pink salt.

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