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Sandy Puishan Lam and Bin Chen: Founders of MILKLAB.


We met and became close friends when we attended North Carolina State University.

Bin was a chemical engineering major, and Sandy studied fashion and textile management with fashion development and product management concentration. Bin is from Fuzhou, China. Sandy is from Hong Kong, China, which ironically, are both areas renowned for its popular, high-quality teas. Our parents actually went to the same high school and we never even knew it until recently!

Families and friendship are the most important parts of our lives, and we were interested in bringing something fun and fresh to families and friends throughout the Triangle. We started to notice an increasing cultural movement and interest in Asian cuisine -- specifically Asian desserts.


When went on a trip to Thailand and China, we experienced an incredible street food culture with some of the most outstanding foods we’ve ever tried. We knew we wanted to introduce this exciting new food culture to Cary, and we also noticed that there aren’t any non-powder base, organic boba tea establishments in North Carolina.


By offering the finest teas and expertly-crafted rolled ice cream, we knew this was an excellent opportunity to enlighten the friends and families of Cary with a perfect marriage of art and food.


Now that we had our idea, how did we get started?


We initially started experimenting with recipes in our apartments. Every recipe and all products are created personally by us. Once we had recipes that were fresh, organic, and great-tasting, we opened MILKLAB, not knowing what could happen with a new business and an unknown future.


Despite the fears of the unknown, we believe that our success will always be attributed to staying true to our core values every step of the way: only the best quality in our offerings, maximum customer and employee satisfaction, and an inviting, fun atmosphere with amazing aesthetics.



At MILKLAB, we care.

The local community has been very supportive and warm to us; therefore, as a way to say thank you and give back, MILKLAB frequently hosts fundraising events with local organizations.


In 2018, the MILKLAB $1 event, where everything is sold for one dollar and all contributions are donated to the Rise Against Hunger Charity. We were able to donate over 8000 meals.

On World Food Day, our team participated in Raleigh’s Rise Against Hunger volunteer event and we packed over 1000 meals and the team had a blast doing so!


In our very own Wellington neighborhood’s Marla Dorrel park, we helped sponsor Kids Together Walk, Run & Roll Charity, which focus on improvements and enhancements to a park loved by the community.

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” - Winston S. Churchill

Sandy and Bin

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