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Q1:    What is Milk Cap?

A: Milk Cap is a foam topping on drinks, made from cream, cream cheese, and Himalayan pink salt. Milk Cap makes your drink extra creamy with a subtle and pleasant salty after taste.


Q2:    What is Rolled Ice Cream?

A: Rolled Ice Cream is a Thai style ice cream. At MILKLAB we use a custard base mixed with your chosen ingredients to be mixed and rolled into ice cream for you.


Q3:    Which drink does not have caffeine?

A: If you are staying away from caffeine then you can indulge in any of our rose tea-based drinks. >>Tea information


Q4:    How many ice cream toppings can I have?

A: You can choose unlimited toppings, the only issue is keeping it to one cup. If you are feeling lazy, we also have a menu of recommending topping selections.


Q5:    Which drink has boba?

A: All of our drinks can have Boba in it, just sure make to let your cashier know to add boba/toppings.


Q6:    Are we a franchise?

A: We are currently owned by two friends, looking for ways to expand but keeping to our core values of Quality, Customer service, Employee satisfaction, and Hip Ambiance.


Q7:    Do we use powders in our drinks?

A: All of our products at MILKLAB are created using only the bests ingredients, meaning we use premium tea leaves to brew each cup and organic milk to make each cup of ice cream.


Q8:     Are there eggs in our ice cream?

A: Our ice cream is custard-based ice cream. The reason is that we did not want to use any form of unnatural stabilizers/chemicals in our product therefore we choose to use eggs to stabilizer our ice creams.


Q9:    Do we have vegan ice cream?

A: Currently we do not have a vegan ice cream option because we want to keep true to not using chemical stabilizers. We are still experimenting with different natural ways to produce vegan ice cream but in the meantime, please enjoy our refreshing fruit teas and drinks with soy/ almond milk options as an alternative. >>Drink Menu


Q10:    Why MILKLAB is expensive?

A: We use only the finest ingredients in our drinks and ice cream. We believe our customers care what they are consuming, therefore, we source top grade tea leaves and all-natural ingredients for our products, we do not use chemical flavor powders, powdered creamer and high fructose syrup, hence the slightly higher pricing.


Q12:    Why do you guys sell out of boba so often?

A: We are constantly making fresh batches of boba but sometimes we are not able to make it on time(it takes about two hours). We apologize if we are out of boba during your visit. We are in the process of upgrading our kitchen and hope to solve this problem soon.



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